If a picture is worth a thousand words. Let your pictures speak more clearly.

Photo R & R (Restoration & Retouching)


Do you have a cherished family portrait that has been damage? Digitally restore it!

Your original photos are digitized on the computer and remain safe and untouched. These will be returned to you along with your restored picture(s), (if printing requested).

Restore your faded, water damaged, torn photo's, add or subtract subject matter and modify color. We offer quality photo restoration, photo repair and photo enhancement at reasonable rates.

Work generally costs about $30 for restoring a dusty and slightly faded print, superimposing an image or deleting a portion of a picture. For a heavily damaged photo where sections may be missing, more work would be required. A digital image can either be emailed to you or forwarded on to a printer. Both Business Depot / Staples and London Drugs do nice inexpensive photo printing.

Greger with an E fixes spots, scratches and tears, restores color, replaces backgrounds and removes people - nearly anything.

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