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Realtor Services

VR Tours, Still Photography, Photo Enhancing, Web Optimizing plus Internet Photo and Data Upload Services.

Serving Mid Vancouver Island Realtors since the last Millennium.

Real Estate Photo Shoot Info

Greger digitally captures and produces Virtual Reality Panoramas(VR) and full screen slideshows at your real estate location and emails the stitched panorama strips, reduced sized stills and high resolution exterior still as well as a link to full screen slideshow/vicrtual tours to the realtor or web developer.

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Price $100.00 (in our central Vancouver Island area) no taxes.
Add $20 if you require Greger to host your virtual tours/slideshow and provide a link.

"Virtual Tours only" - $80.00 or combine VR and Stills for greater savings. (add $10 for web link displaying Virtual Tours)

"Stills Only" Photo Shoots - $80.00 or combine VR and Stills for greater savings. (add $10 for web link displaying slideshow)

"Call Backs" to residence for better weather conditions, re-photograph completed renovations, etc are 1/2 price.

* VR of High End property or Estate setting with outbuildings or second residence (tier2) - add $20.00

* Provide High End enhanced stills c/w captioning (tier2) - add $20.00 (super high resolution also available)

* Provide CD of enhanced still photographs and VR panoramas - add $20.00

All Photos unless otherwise stated remain the property of Greger and can only be used by "client" for "their" advertising purposes.

Contact Greger for a selection of Stock Photos for website and Print Publication of our Vancouver Island Area.
Use of Website images - $80 per image. Use of Printable Images - $320. Discounts for volume orders.

Color Feature sheets with listing information and color photographs are available; Information on each listing is harvested from or Realtors website by Greger. Color printed 8 1/2 X 11 are available from your choice of Printers such as Staples, local Printshop in your area or print them yourself on your desktop.

Imagine ..... one phone call gets you professional, digitally enhanced still photographs, VR's, all uploaded to a website hosted on our servers and a link provided to you for your website or MLS

Phone 250.924.7907 or email Greger with an E to order.

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